Darkside Farmers Sunday 29th Jan 2017: Dynamic Corvettes – Funky Music Is The Thing

http://www.giveushits.com/darksidefarmers/Darkside_Farmers_Sun_29_Jan_2017-Dynamic_Corvettes.mp3 Darkside Farmers Show – Sunday Morning Midnight to 1am (29/1/17). Looking at a few different uses of the breakbeat from Dynamic Corvettes – Funky Music Is The Thing. The start of the show traces a sample chain from that breakbeat to Lennie D Ice’s – We are I.E.
Dynamic Corvettes – Funky Music Is the Thing x (1975)

1. Bomb the Bass – On The Cut
2. chaba fadela – n’sel fik
3. The Buggers – (SFX)
5. Lennie De Ice – We Are i.e.
6. Meat Beat Manifesto – I Got the Fear (Part 4)
7. Phil Most Chill – Out to Kill
8. Just Ice – Cold Gettin’ Dumb
9. Ice-T – Grand Larceny
BMX Joe’s Mix
1. On The Cut – Bomb The Bass
2. Two, Three, Break – DJ Born Supreme Allah
3. A Step Beyond – MC Twist
4. Lend Me An Ear – The D.O.C. & D.O.C.
5. Lesson 3 – Steinski & Double Dee
6. £20 To Get In – Shut Up And Dance
7. The Last B-Boy – Paradox
8. Rock The House – Brainstorm
(bonus) MC Bam Bam – Wind Me Up

Darkside Farmers 2RRR Sun 24 Jul 2016 – Johnny, Ricky, Scotty Special

1 http://www.giveushits.com/darksidefarmers/Darkside_Farmers_Sun_24_Jul_2016-Johnny_Ricky_Scotty.mp3
Darkside Farmers 3rd Show – Sunday morning, midnight to 1am (24/6/16). Going through jungle records which feature various names sampled from movies such as Evil Dead, Marked for Death and Boyz N the Hood.
1. James Brown – Cold Sweat
2. Scotty – Subnation (Ray Keith Remix)
BMX Joes Mix –
3. Remarc – Ricky (VIP mix)
4. Johnny Jungle – Johnny (Droppin’ Science Remix)
5. Subnation – Scotty
6. Johnny Jungle – Johnny (DJ Dexterous King of the Jungle Remix)
7. Johnny Jungle – Johnny (Origin Unknown Remix)
8. Johnny Jungle – Johnny (Pascal Remix)
9. Johnny Jungle – Johnny
10. Plasmic Life – Death Trip
11. Johnny Jungle – Johnny Jungle (Remix)
12. Remarc – Ricky Bonus
14. Think – Once You Understand


Tracker Special 7 + Speedcomp 10 & PƎTER Live set

This is the 7th in a series of Thematics specials on tracker-based music. These shows focus on playing music written in tracker software and feature a playlist of source files for people to download, use and generally abuse. For this tracker special, Newcastle-based artist PƎTER visited the 2RRR studios to play some of his drum and bass / jungle Fasttracker 2 material.

This show also coincided with the 10th Speedcomp… A pointless competition to create a song in half an hour only using the same pack of ten samples (selected for round 10 by http://www.667u.com/fukno.htm). This round of Speedcomp was hosted by Flashback, the Australian Demo Scene Event with some participants creating their entries live at the event and all entries played back on the night.